State of California Survey

Last week I received a phone call from a person doing a survey for the California Department of Health. It was pretty long, about 15 minutes. It had all sorts of health questions such as my awareness of lead and unsafe sex practices (I could decline to answer any question) as well as questions about my access to medical care and my own general health.

The asked if I had received regular and H1N1 flu shots. But they didn’t ask if I had gotten the flu.

They did ask if I had had a fever in the last month. But that is not quite the same as asking if I had had the flu.


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One Response to “State of California Survey”

  1. flutruth Says:

    Followup: A few weeks later they called me back again. Apparently they missed asking me a whole set of questions.

    I took the opportunity to ask why they hadn’t asked me if I had gotten the flu and where the results were going to be posted. She agreed that not asking me about having the flu was an oversight and that the results would be posted somewhere on the CDC website.

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