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My very own case(s) of the flu

November 6, 2009

About 2 weeks ago I was sick. Headache, scratchy throat, feeling blah and maybe a slight fever. This only lasted a day or so.

Then this Sunday I had a weird headache that would come and go. On Monday I was definitely sick, again with the sore throat and headache. This time I developed a fever. It briefly got to 103 in one ear. This time I was blowing my nose a lot.

It’s now Thursday. The fever is almost gone and I feel much better but I get woozy if I stand or walk too much. I’ve quarantined myself for the week, missing a few fun social occasions.

So, do I have H1N1? Probably. But I can’t know without a lab test. Since I wasn’t that sick, there isn’t much point to the test.

A friend whose son goes to the local elementary school said absences there were very high (40-50%).